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Gaea is dying.

For centuries the Earth Mother's health has been declining, but as mortals have continued to turn their attention away from nature and spend their energy primarily on technological advances; she is fading at a much faster rate. Until now, focused on their own motives and means, the other immortals have been deaf to her pleas for help.

Such hubris may very well be their downfall.

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We are built for intermediate to advanced players of 18 years and older, who enjoy writing an average of 500 words or more. Omega's timeline is semi-fluid, allowing past and present play, and although we try to follow most mythological details: we allow creative freedom for our members in many ways. Any questions, comments, or concerns: please feel free to drop us a line via the Cbox or the
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The Muses
goddesses of arts Φ immortal Φ various
Sisterly Love!

Feeling a bit uninspired? That opera refusing to be written or your masterpiece looking more like children's water-coloring? What you need is a muse to cure times of gloom! Daughters of Zeus (and Memory), favorites of Apollo, and infamous beauties of literature and myth; these lovely ladies are in high demand. Considered a source of knowledge and inspiration, the girls all share a collective consciousness in which they are able to communicate among each other (and with their mother) through dream sequences - think of the fun! Personalities vary based on which one you choose to put to words, but you better hurry before they are all stolen out from under your nose!

►Calliope, muse of epic poetry
Clio, muse of history
Erato, muse of erotic poetry
►Euterpe, muse of lyric poetry
►Melpomene, muse of tragedy
►Polyhymnia, muse of hymns
Terpsichore, muse of dance
►Thalia, muse of comedy
►Urania (or Ourania), muse of astronomy
Played by choices are completely open. They are considered canons and the link to their information can be found HERE.

We have a wonderful reward system here at Omega and while it's completely optional - we strongly suggest our members take part in it! For full information, check out this board where you can read about earning coins, what you can buy, and the badges you can also earn on the site.

One of the shopping options available is the featured want ad! The one to the left is an example.

Greek Mythology, Modern Time
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Storyline Info
Plot & Subplots / Timeline / Beginner's Guide / Rules / Settings

All the need to know information about the storyline and world can be found here: including a more in depth description of the plot (and sub-plots) as well as a beginner's guide. Be sure to check out the rules!

5 6 Mar 19 2015, 04:36 PM
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By: pixel!
Character Info
Canons & Directory / Member Groups / Dominions & Powers / Banned Concepts

All the good stuff necessary to know when creating a character. If you have questions while filling out your profile it might help to check here first for answers, especially about the member-groups and an explanation about the dominions. Check the canon list (& directory) if you're looking for what characters are taken and which are still available.

4 33 Jul 7 2016, 11:11 AM
In: ΦCanons & Directory
By: Medea
Who's Who? / Guidelines & Pending Characters / Applying 101

Here are the guidelines and rules, as well as the how to information for applying here at Ωmega. The who's who also has a home here. If you've recently had a character accepted, be sure to add it to your who's who so it stays current!

2 24 Apr 11 2015, 07:47 PM
In: ΦGuidelines & Pending
By: Chloris
Reserve A Canon / Face Claims & Reservations / Relics Claim

After reading the important information, if you think you're ready to delve into the world of Ωmega: please come here to make any reservations or claims while working on your profile. All reservations are first come first serve. Admins are not at fault for any faces or canons taken while applications are in progress if you do not reserve your claim. Don't forget to register your face claim and relics once accepted too!

2 29 Apr 11 2015, 07:49 PM
In: ΦRelics
By: Chloris
Activity Checks

Past, present, and future Activity Checks can be found here. These are MANDATORY for all members. Any announcements and/or news notices from the Staff are also found here.

Subforums: Activity Checks

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In: ΦCheck your Claims!
By: Meg
Rewards & Trackers
Coins & Jewels Earning and Claiming / Shopping / Earnable Badges / Trackers

Information about our coin/jewels system including how to earn them, claim them, and spend them; earnable badges, and an area for tracking threads or rewards can all be found here.

Subforums: Trackers

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By: lealea
Thread Moderation / Resources / How-to Guides / FAQs

Guest Friendly! Help us make the site better by leaving any questions you might have here. If you need any clarification on anything in the RPG, as a member feel free to PM any staff member, but this is another avenue to contact us. Also, if you find any errors in coding or broken links, need a thread deleted, or have a public suggestion for an idea for Ωmega - this is the place for it. A permanent F.A.Q. for questions that are often asked of us can be found here too and is constantly being added to. How to guides include: Sub-accounts, Applying 101, Dominions 101

Subforums: Guides

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By: pixel!

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Plot Pages
Open Threads / The Directory

Interested in developing character relationships or other story-lines? Looking for someone to fill a gap in history or story that you have for your character? Plot pages are not required, but certainly suggested.

26 41 Mar 28 2015, 10:03 PM
In: ΦEnter Sandman
By: Nyx
Wanted Ads
Ladies / Gents / Mixed Company

There frequently comes a time in a character's life in which you will need to request someone for them. A parent, a sibling, a best friend, a lover, a cousin from your mother's side twice removed. Whatever floats your boat. You can ask for all that in here. Someone is bound to pick up a request or two! Be sure to list your contact information in the ad as well. This is also a good forum to check out if you are new to the site and looking for an idea of a character to play.

Subforums: Ladies, Gents, Mixed Company

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In: ΦThe Muses & Memory
By: Pixie

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By: Hestia
The Underworld

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In: ΦA song to make sirens envy
By: Erymanthus

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Dreams & Chaos

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In: ΦSisterly Visit
By: Nyx

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The Big Apple

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In: ΦStart of a new Semester
By: Endymion
Everywhere Else

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In: ΦViva Las Vegas
By: Katerina Sphinakis

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Time Warp

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In: ΦIn The Arms Of Rain
By: Stheno
Write It Up

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Member Lounge
Introduce yourself let us know about your gaming schedules, talk about anything out of character, or throw up something random - whatever goes in this board.

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In: ΦThe Butterfly Room
By: Elinoire
Fun & Games
Graphics Shops / All Challenges

Nothing wrong with a little lighthearted fun and games for our characters (or us) and here's the place for it. Feel free to start one up - just mark if it is (IC) or (OOC) so we know if we are answering as our characters or ourselves. This is also the place for any of of our members who might be graphic-inclined to share their work or offer it up to the masses. Show off templates and banners, put up a thread that people can make requests on, or if you're looking for some graphics help - try posting something with the details of what you need and see if anyone will fill your request.

Subforums: The Challenges

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By: pixel!

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How to: Affiliate / Our Ad / First Link / Link Back

Ψ - You must have a board on your site for us to advertise too!
Ψ - Any forum is welcome, however, we reserve the right to refuse ads.
Ψ - Multiple ads and bumping are allowed, but we may return the favor.
Ψ - Make sure to post in the right forum!

Subforums: First Links, Link Backs, Accepted Ads

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By: devoid of color
Inactive Threads / Inactive Characters

Only Staff can see these threads that have been deleted from other parts of the forum. In an effort to keep it semi-organized, there are sub-boards for inactive/delete characters as well as inactive/deleted threads.

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By: ZilliamDaf

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